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Do Toupees or Hair Systems Fall Off?

Do Toupees or Hair Systems Fall Off?


One of the biggest concerns men have about non-surgical hair systems is whether they’ll fall off. Whether you’re outside on a windy day or working up a sweat in the gym, you want to know that your hair system will stay in place. With the right adhesives and proper attachment technique, your hair replacement system won’t easily fall off.


How to Avoid Hair Systems Falling Off

There are several things you can do to make sure your hair system doesn’t fall off.




1.repare your head and hairpiece correctly.

Before you put your hairpiece on, you need to make sure your head is clean and free of any oils.


2.Use the right adhesives.

The right hairpiece adhesives are important to ensure a secure hold. Different climates (especially humid ones) may require different adhesives.


3.Reattaching Loose Hair Systems

Your hair replacement system will still get loose over time. 

(1)If you noticed your hair system getting loose, take some time to properly reattach it. This will help you rest assured that your hair system is firmly in place.

(2)When your hair system gets wet (from water, rain, or sweat), the adhesives can weaken. However, it will feel loose long before the adhesive fails entirely. 

(3)If the adhesives are weakening, carefully peel back your hairpiece, clean the lifted portion, and reattach it in the front. This will ensure the secure fit of your hair replacement system.



4.Removing and Reattaching Hair Systems

Non-surgical hair systems typically need to be removed and reattached every three to four weeks. Even if your hair system only needs to be reattached once a month, weekly touchups can help ensure the secure fit of your hair system.

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