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Will My Hair System Stay on Forever?

Will My Hair System Stay on Forever?


Hair systems will not stay on forever because they are not a permanent solution. Once in place, a hair system will typically last for a month or more. The base material, hair type, hair ventilation method, and other factors play a big role in how long your hair system will last.

Although your hair system should be touched up every week and completely removed and reattached every month, each hairpiece will last longer than one application.



The base material of a hair system plays the biggest role in its longevity. Some bases are more resistant to damage.

If you want a hair system that lasts a long time, hairpieces with mono bases often last six to twelve months with regular wear. Mono bases are the ideal choice because of their quality and durability.

Full French lace lasts for three months and Swiss lace lasts for only two months.




The durability of skin-based hairpieces will largely depend on the thickness level of the base. The thicker the base is, the longer it will last. For example, a 0.03mm base will last about a month while the 0.08mm base can last up to four months. If you choose a poly skin base with gauze, it can last even longer.

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