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How Often Should You Wash a Hair System or Wig?

How Often Should You Wash a Hair System or Wig?


Most hair systems should be washed every one or two weeks. The more you wash your hair system, the more it will fade and the faster it will need to be replaced.


However, how often you wash your hair system will also depend on how often you’re wearing it, how much you sweat, how humid your environment is, and how clean it is after your daily routines.




You will need to wash your hair system earlier if any of the following happen:


(1)The hair system begins to smell. Remove odor buildup by washing your hair system.

(2)You go swimming. It’s important to wash chlorine and salt out of your hair as soon as possible to prevent damage.

(3)Any time your hair is soaked with sweat. Sweat can quickly lead to bad-smelling hair. If you’ve had a vigorous workout and your hair is soaked with sweat, you will need to wash your hair system.

(4)There is excess dirt or debris on it. If your hair system looks dirty, it needs to be washed. For light amounts of dirt, rinsing the hair system thoroughly may help you get your hair clean without the damage caused by shampoo.




Outside of these conditions, you should only wash your hair system once every one to two weeks. You should wash your hair system each time you remove and reapply it, especially if you use hair glue to keep it in place.


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